Best Kid Ever

Rotten day, yesterday. Worst day of my career. I’ve never seen a more ridiculous set of adults in my life. I’ll leave it there. Left work early. Picked up the lad from school.

The goal: Do not cry. Do not cry. Do not cry.

I cried.

L: “Mom, what’s wrong? Why are you sad?”

M: “Some people at work weren’t very nice to me. You know when you’re really good at something and no one can see it? That’s what it felt like. Felt like I was embedded in a world of aliens.”

L: “I’m so sorry, mom. I don’t want you to be sad. I love you. You’re the most amazing person I know. And I think  you’re really good at what you do.”

M: “Thanks, sweetie. That means everything to me.”

L: “I’ll be very sensitive to you. Let’s go do my homework. Then we’ll sit together under a blanket and you can put your head on my shoulder and hopefully you’ll feel better.”

M: “I’m sure I will.”

One comment on “Best Kid Ever

  1. hiddinsight says:

    Awwwwwe…best kid EVER! I’m taking notes over here.

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