Past Tense-First Day of Kindergarten

L-“I’m not nervous. I’m not nervous. I’m totally comfortable. I’m really excited. I’m just so not nervous.”

Teacher during K initiation, circle time:

“Does anyone have any feelings or thoughts he or she would like to share?

L-“Yes, I’m really, really nervous.”

Teacher: “Thank you for sharing that. Does anyone else feel that way?”

Many, many hands instantly fly upward. OF COURSE. Everyone’s petrified. Including me.


Seven Past, Eight Now

I documented L’s last evening as a seven year old. I took treats to his class the next day. His school has a great tradition of asking if anyone would like to share something they appreciate about the birthday kid. Some of the responses:

“L is a great friend and is always by my side when I need him.”

“L is my best friend.”

“If anyone ever needs any help, L’s there.”

“L is really, really funny.”

“I love how creative he is. He’s helping me learn to draw.”

“L taught me more than I ever knew about gas masks.” (Said by his teacher.)

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