Early Onset Teenager (EOT) Averted

Just as L began talking about his many conquests (the holding hands, pulling hair variety), this morning he asked where all of his stuffies had gone.

L: “Do we still have Stingy and Sharky and Woofy?”

M: “I think we do.”

Pan to the bed where Sammy the ice-cream sandwich, Bully the bulldog, Ali the albino alligator, and the above are now resting.

There is a reason we don’t throw everything away. The purple blanket he’s slept with from his first breath is still accessible in a heartbeat. Especially because I have it in triplicate.

Can never be too prepared for age eight or eighteen.



Finally, a much-needed hair cut. Being a nut, I shun the usual Super Duper Easy Cuts and go for something a bit different. I love his hair. It’s beautiful. Not as blonde or as curly as it once was, but abundant, lovely hair.

Let’s keep it long. Just a touch off the sides. Maybe…?

Haircutter: “L, who’s in charge of your hair? You or your mom?”

L: “Hmmm… That’s a good question. She made me. I guess you’d better ask her.”


Past Tense


L’s big break. He does a shoot for a baby mag. What the heck, right? Only, when you’re photographing babies, you’re basically photographing animals. Lots of toys, and whistles, a gazillion adults behind the camera shouting, cajoling, cooing. At least he has a sense of humor about it. Or can pay for his own diapers for a few months.