Dream, Dream, Dream

This morning:

L: “Have you ever had a weird dream? Like the weirdest dream in the world? I had one last night. I dreamt we went to Colorado to grandma & grandpa’s cabin only it wasn’t their cabin. It was flat and long and it was in Yosemite. But they were still there. We visited for three days and them came home. As soon as we got home, dad went to work and didn’t come home. You and I were hanging out, reading, and we heard footsteps. I looked up and a clone of you—an exact duplicate!—walked out of my play room. I kept getting the two of you confused. You were so alike. Eventually, I realized one of you had to be sacrificed. Only I wasn’t sure I was choosing the clone, so I hesitated quite a bit. I finally made the right decision and you lived.”

M: Wow. Intense dream.

L: “Yeah, I learned that you have to give something up in order to get something. I got you.”

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