Not a great day

Went to the dog park. We have a big, black dopey dog who’s merely a dog. She’s not my baby, my boo boo, my cupcake. She’s a dog. Just a really good dog. She was attacked by a vicious little snit dog, who was definitely someone’s sweet pea, child, probably eats steak every night. That kinda dog. Things didn’t end well. At least they ended. Nothing’s as awful as watching two dogs go at it. Oh, and while my dog is merely a dog, she’s also merely a really, really big dog. And she can haul ass and when pushed, she’ll turn around and let you know who’s not going to come out on top. Dogs were separated, mean words exchanged, L said, “it’s time to go home. I’m very sad now. That was very upsetting and it’s time to be at home where we’ll chill and relax and the day will get much, much better.”

It did.

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