Necessary Evils a.k.a. Homework

Ah, number lines. L approaches them in an assembly-like manner. Assess question, color in least number of squares, write digits in sequence.

M: “I notice that when you’re doing these exercises, you always color in the least number of squares necessary.”

L: “Yes, that’s my strategy.”

M: “Seems to work well. Looks like it’s a good strategy.”

L: “I’m a good strategy.”

Can’t argue with that.



Finally, a much-needed hair cut. Being a nut, I shun the usual Super Duper Easy Cuts and go for something a bit different. I love his hair. It’s beautiful. Not as blonde or as curly as it once was, but abundant, lovely hair.

Let’s keep it long. Just a touch off the sides. Maybe…?

Haircutter: “L, who’s in charge of your hair? You or your mom?”

L: “Hmmm… That’s a good question. She made me. I guess you’d better ask her.”